"Love at the End of the World," Qwerty, forthcoming.
"Sara's City," Baltimore Review, Spring 2020.
At eight years old, Sara knows how to distinguish bombs by sound. She and her brother have names for them: the nutcracker, which can take out the windows and the roof; the snowman, which turns entire blocks to dust; and the sleepyhead, which doesn’t go off until later when a squad comes to try to remove it... [Read more]
"Tomorrow, When the Sun Rises," Room Magazine, 43.2: Devour, June 2020.
"Hatch," Forge Literary Magazine, 2019.
When she rented an incubator from a local farm, Miss Ling vaguely intended to work the class towards a subtle conversation about the cycle of life and death. The mom of one of her students, Karina Lee, was dying. She was pretty sure all the other children knew about it, though she hadn’t heard anyone say so. Since Karina’s dad had told her... [Read more]
"The Mechanical Mind," LampLight Magazine Vol. 8 Issue 1, 2019. 
“Wake, Enwantu.”
Enwantu woke.
It was Elex, via radio, speaking to him. “The shipment has arrived.”
... [Read more]
"Super," Metaphorosis2019.
The last time Jack Wu jumped off a building, he nearly lost an arm clipping the fire escape. Something wrong with his takeoff. Maybe it took a few seconds longer to catch an upstream or something, he didn’t know... [Read more]
"Two Shoes", Punchnel's, 2015.
We are touched before the light comes on (in the dark, fumbling with the laces). The light flicks on only later, when He needs to looks for his keys... [Read more]


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