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Yume is pronounced like "you-meh"

Kitasei is pronounced like "kee-tah-say"

The main character in THE DEEP SKY is named Asuka, which is pronounced "Ah-soo-kah," but don't linger on the middle syllable!

Official Bio

Yume Kitasei ( is the author of The Deep Sky and The Stardust Grail. She is half Japanese and half American and grew up in a space between two cultures—the same space where her stories reside. She lives in Brooklyn with two cats, Boondoggle and Filibuster. Her stories have appeared in publications including New England Review, Catapult, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Baltimore Review. She chirps occasionally @Yumewrites at Instagram, TikTok, and Blue Sky.


Yume Kitasei - Square by Sylvie Rosokoff

Square headshot - click here to download.

Rectangular headshot - click here to download.

Please include credit "Photograph by Sylvie Rosokoff."

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